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Larger Than Life, an Israeli nonprofit organization, aims to improve the quality of life and the welfare of children and youth with cancer and their families in Israel, regardless or faith, race, or gender. It is the largest organization in Israel of its type.

The organization was founded in 2000, in Israel, by a group of parents of children with cancer, out of their knowledge and understanding of the disease and its implications, as well as their awareness of the many difficulties that children with cancer and their families face daily.

Our wish is to create a substantial change in each and every aspect of the lives of these children and their families. We operate in all hospitals across Israel and in the homes of sick children from the Negev to the Galilee.

Throughout the entire year, the organization organizes a variety of activities for children and their families by dedicated volunteers and trustees. The following projects are part of the Larger Than Life activities: the Smile Train for Purim, Summer Camp, Establishing music and computer rooms in the hospitals, The Dream Trip to Disneyworld, Medication Funding Foundation, Fun Days for Mothers, Making Dreams Come True.

These activities are aimed at giving the children the desires and powers that are so needed for their continued battle with the disease, until they beat it. This respite is a very important factor in their process of recovery and it enables them to connect with other children sharing their predicament and experience, even for a few days, happy and normal childhood experiences. Experiences that other children and youth their age, take for granted. 

Larger Than Life USA, based in the metropolitan New York area, supports the activities of Larger Than Life in Israel, and also supports the Israeli families who come to the U.S. for medical treatment. Devoted teams of volunteers provide these families with help in hospitals, hospitality over the weekends, translation, and any other help as needed.

We also plan several Dream Trips every year, for groups of 25 children, to Disney World and Disneyland. The purpose of this trip is to give hope, joy, and empowerment to these ill children and to support them socially and mentally in their battle with cancer.

The organization enjoys widespread support in Israel, including from corporations Gazit-Globe LTD (multinational real estate Investment Company), KKL-JNF, Bezeq International, Israel Discount Bank, Isracard, Leumi Card, Mirs,

Tiv Taam (Israeli supermarket chain), and many more...

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Our Board Members:

- Avi Cohen

Board of Directors 

  • Evrona Katzman
  • Chaim Ben- Simon

Executive Director

  • Netta Nathaniel

Advisory Board

  • Albert Nassim
  • Ariela Cotler
  • Linda Balass
  • Oren Ben Ezra
  • Sandra Divack Moss
  • Dr. Alexander J. Chou
  • Dr. Ira J. Dunkel
  • Dr. Michael Rubin
  • Dr. Tamir Miloh

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Larger Than Life USA is a registered 501(c)3,# 26-133-8858. Contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law.
Larger Than Life 54-15 35th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101 | Tel: 888-644-4040

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