About Us

C.L.T. was established in 1993 with a phone, a desk, five trucks,
and a goal to be a leader in the transportation industry. Through the years we have grown to over 100 trucks and flatbeds, an in-house logistic team, and a reload facility. In addition to our office in the Bronx we have access to over 40 C.L.T. satellite  offices and 500 trucks throughout the U.S. and Canada enabling us to pick up your freight quickly. Our safety division and maintenance facility ensures that your material will be delivered safely and
on time.

Here at C.L.T. you will get that small company attention with the big company capabalities.

Toll Free: 888-825-0924
Tel: 718-430-6637
Fax: 718 430-6639
Email: info@ctltrucking.com
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